The Woodshed

This is the page for  peripheral work. Experiments. Play. Noodles. Exercises to keep me on my toes. No real rhyme or reason here. Just stuff that ended up being interesting enough that others might enjoy them. 

Rarebits #2 & #4

The Rarebits series are little audio exercises based on dreams. When I have an odd or interesting dream (that I remember) I will make a recording of the story of the dream, then put a quick soundtrack under it. I try not to spend more than 60 minutes total on them. 

The 1 Minute Trail

A short video shot from my bicycle on the Montour Trail with the 8mm app. At the time I was reading THE BOOK OF LEAVES and tried to capture the same menace as the five and a half minute hallway.

This was part of the the 2011 Thirty Day Creative Challenge.


A short video shot in Prague . This was part of the 2011 Thirty Day Creative Challenge.

Modular Noodle 2018.07.12

A noodle is a modular synth patch that's extemporanious. I usually start out any modular session making a noodle. Occasionally they get recorded.

SUONOIO  Noodle 2017.03.08

Suonoio is a small sample mangler made by The Harvestman (Scott Jaeger) and Alessandro Cortini, using samples from Cortini's Sunoio project. It's one of my favorite sound gizmos. 

SoundHack Binaural

Experiment with the SoundHack Binaural plug-in. It works great. Wear headphones - the sound starts in the right front, goes clockwise around the back of the head to the front, then switches directions and goes back to the right front.

9 bar loop

Roland SH-01a loop

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