Cities and MemorY  submissions

Cities and Memory  is an online sound exhibit/collection run by Stuart  Fowkes, a UK sound artist and field recordist.  He curates several collections of sounds every year and then invites other sound artists to do remixes or make new work out of the original field recordings. I have been a regular contributor for several years, using the opportunity of doing a remix  to focus on  exploring different pieces of hardware or software more deeply   in what is a very low pressure situation and  timeline. 

"Heron Village Morning" is a remix  from the SOUNDING NATURE collection.  The original field recording is"The Herons Of Petulu" recorded in Indonesia by Marcel Gnauk.

"Olii" is an original piece created for the SMITHSONIAN TREASURES collection. The inspiration was an artifact dating from 221 BC called "Four pieces of a mouth organ (sheng)" from the Museum of Asian Art.

"Sleeptalk" is a remix from the SOUNDMAP OF ITALY project. The original field recording is "Buskers in Campo Santa Margharita" recorded  in Venice by Stuart Fowkes.

"Shibuya Dreamtime" is a remix from the FUTURE CITIES collection. The original field recording is of the Shibuya Crossing.

"Egyptian Section" is a remix from the THREE WORDS collection. This project used the global mapping  program what3words as the director for the remix. The original field recording is of the Egyptian Room in the  British National Museum recorded by Stuart Fowkes. The three words from the grid were "minute/ample/organs".

"Auroraseven" is a remix from the SPACE IS THE PLACE collection. The original sound is a NASA recording of the  Aurora Seven liftoff.

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