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Mother Hulda is one of three children's stories our team adapted for theatre. Mother Hulda is the story of two girls, Magotella, the ugly daughter, and Katie, the under-appreciated stepdaughter, who are at odds for their Mother's attention. They are pushed into a well and emerge in a magical world full of talking sparrows, shrubs, trees, ovens, and of course, Mother Hulda. Hulda has both girls perform tasks in order to earn caskets containing a reward. The audience is shown in detail the personality of each of the girls and the results they get for their actions. Our goal was to create two worlds with sound, a real environment, and a magical environment. We also defined two separate experiences in the magical world for each girl's trip. The sense of space and use of music help to convey these different worlds, and different experiences and personalities. The sound setup consisted of 20 speakers in two surround sound setups, one above the audience in the catwalk and one around the audience on the floor. This creates a seamless sound environment that allows ambience to envelope the audience and individual spot effects to be placed anywhere they need to be.

Michigan Technological University's Visual and Performing Arts Department, 2010
Scenery designer: Zack Olson
Costume designer: M.C. Friedrish
Lighting designer: Michael Maurer
Media designer: Zack Olson
Director: Patricia Helsel

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