Hotel Medea is an overnight theatre production based on the myth of Medea. It runs from midnight till dawn with two intervals. Part I - Zero Hour Market: The Meeting and Marriage of Jason and Medea performed to a live DJ set. A maze of blood, food and dance turns into a frenzied battle for the Golden Fleece. Part II - Drylands: a post-modern wasteland. Live documentary, hot chocolate and CCTV cameras add a contemporary perspective to Jason's betrayal. Part III - Feast of Dawn: a harrowing voyage through the landscape of Medea's mind with paparazzi chases, burning brides and a twisted game of hide and seek. Hotel Medea 2011 Remix includes Nela Brown's original compositions from four different scenes of this 'all night extravaganza'. During the performances, sound design was played back through a multichannel set-up.

Zecora Ura/Para Active, 2009
Scenery designer: Louie Whitemore
Costume designer: Lise Marker
Lighting designer: Pablo Sanchez Perez
Director: Jorge Lopes Ramos & PJM
Photo by Ludovic des Cognets

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