3rd International Theatre Soundscore
and Music Composition Exhibit

General Information

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The International Theatre Soundscore and Music Composition Exhibit began in 2003 as a project of the OISTAT Sound Design Working Group in conjunction with Scenofest and the Prague Quadrennial. The aim is to present a range of design representing work composed for theater, dance, film, performance, installations, games, and university projects. This iteration is available both as an online archive and as a version installed at the Prague Quadrennial 2011.

Please note that as this exhibit showcases audio, we offer multiple resolutions. In some cases the exhibit will automatically detect your device and connection and choose the one that will stream fastest, in other cases you will have a choice between HI and LO. HI may result in longer loading and streaming times but will be better quality audio - we hope you can be patient and understand our desire to showcase the work at the best possible resolution.

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Scenofest Prague Quadrennial